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Help support the composting industry. Get listed on and be found! is a free industry resource to help make it easy for municipalities and private waste generators to find YOU! Our database of more than 350 facilities is the most comprehensive, online directory of composting facilities in North America. Every month more than 5,000 consumers use our site to search for and find a local composter. Help them find you.

Please take a moment to look up and verify your composting facility data. If you want to update your information, send an email to our editors at

If you're not listed, get listed by completing the form below. We collect public information (address, website, phone, materials collected and composting processes) as well as non-public information (details about your certifications and facility size/annual capacities).

A BioCycle editor will review your entry before posting the information.

Participation is voluntary but your detailed statistics will help build a comprehensive census of the composting industry, which provides municipal, state and even Federal leigislators with an accurate picture of the size and impact of our industry.

Nora Goldstein
BioCycle Magazine
  Steven A. Mojo
Executive Director
Biodegradable Products Institute


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