1. List your site: Screen snapshot instructionsGo to the home page, FindAComposter.com, FindADigester.com or FindOrganicsHauler.com
  2. On the menu bar, click Register Your Account to List a Site (see snapshot #2, on right).
  3. Enter an email and password and submit (see snapshot #3, on right).
    Note: Listings created prior to February 2016 have expired. You can use the same email to Register an Account, but must create a new password. Then follow the instructions below.
  4. In the menu bar, go to “List A Site” (see snapshot #4, on right)
  5. Select Listing Category(ies): Composter, Organics Collection Service, Anaerobic Digester. Select all categories that apply. Questions will appear in the listing entry form for the categories selected, e.g., Composter and Organics Collection Service. (see snapshot #5, on right)
  6. Composters — Select Type of Composter [on drop down menu) that fits your operation:
    (see snapshot #6, on right)
    Full-Scale: A municipal or commercial facility equipped to receive and process organic waste streams arriving by truckload volumes from generators and haulers on year-round basis.
    Captive: Only compost organics from own facility; utilize compost on-site. No outside materials accepted.
    Community: Small-scale operation that enables community members to process organic material on a neighborhood scale, e.g. at community garden or urban farm. Accepts feedstocks, e.g., food scraps, from off-site. Seeks to keep organics in a closed loop (e.g., neighborhood), from source of feedstocks to use of compost.
  7. Complete all required fields marked with an *— and then submit the completed Listing Entry Form.   (see snapshot #7, on right)
  8. BioCycle will verify the submitted listing. Once verified, the listing will be activated.  (Example in snapshot #8, on right)
  9. Creating listings for multiple facilities? Stay logged in. Return to Home Page and click List A Site on menu bar. Complete listing entry form.
  10. Questions? Need Assistance? Email us

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